TalkBBQ: What does ”founder friendly” really mean? A conversation with Claus Zibrandtsen, CEO inQvation

Do we have a ‘founder friendly’ culture in the Nordic countries? What does it mean? And more important, how do we co-create a ‘founder friendly’ culture in the Nordic region?  inQvation, Synch, and TechBBQ have joined forces to answer these questions by starting a new initiative under the name “TalkBBQ” — an event that invites the entire startup ecosystem to debate this issue. Up to the event, Nordic founders will be invited to share investment dilemmas they face or have faced. These will TalkBBQ's experienced panel then try to answer. In this blog post we have had a little chat about this with one of the 5 panelists: Claus Zibrandtsen, CEO at inQvation.